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HOA Litigation

Litigated with Condo Association on behalf of prior owner who indicated that she did not wish to retain her condo in her Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. The Condo Association made use of an amended to the Bankruptcy Code to enforce its right to all post-discharge monthly assessments – regardless of whether the unit was occupied by the owner.


RE Closing

Our office has closed scores of residential and commerical real estate transactions including short-sales, lease-to-own arrangments, deed in lieu of foreclosure, and back-to-back purcahse/sale deals. Having owned a title insurance company for 8 years, and being a title agent myself, even difficult deals don’t discourage us.

RE Closing

Counseled a short-sale and real estate spculation company in the back-to-back purchase and sale of properties in the Bolingbrook and Plainfield areas. Also handled all lease agreements, articles of agreement for deed, and rent-to-own arrangments.

Estate Dispute

Successfully counseled an heir to a large estate in which her brothers and sisters wer attempting to freeze her out. Her siblings also sought to reduce our client’s share of their mother’s estate based on spending resources while her mother was alive: in fact, our client had been spending her inheritance money on keeping her mother comfortable in her final months.

Breach of Contract, Fraud, etc.

Defendant an heir in Court when his 2 brothers challenged their mother’s gift to him and his wife; the matter was brought as a case of cruelty to the elderly, as well as breach of a promissory note and probate violations.


Counseled a start-up credit-counseling business and conducted negotiations with their customers’ creditors including nationally known credit card issuers such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, as well as nationally banks such as Citibank, Chase Manhatten, PNC, Bank of America, and others. Secured negotiated settlements of up to 70% on behalf of customers of the business.

Ch. 7 Bankruptcy

Our office processes hundreds of bankruptcies a year on behalf of people from every walk of life, profession, and economic status. Bolingbrook real estate saw a surge in market value from 2005 to 2007 then crashed in 2008. Since then we have filed as many cases for middle class, professional families as we have for blue collar workers.

Ch. 7 Bankruptcy

Half the bankruptcy cases that our office handles involve the failure of a small business that could not weather the ups and downs in the economy. Often professionals take their hard-earned salaries and retirement savings and invest in a business that was a lifelong dream; only to fall prey to the chronically high mortality rate among small businesses

Dissolution of Marriage

Successfully counseled wife through an amicable divorce in which she and her husband shared custody of their daughter and she was allowed to move to another suburb into order to be closer to work. When parties cooperate it is possible to keep costs down and achieve results that are satisfactory to everyone involved.


Corporate Litigation

Counseled a co-operative composed of franchisee companies. Acting as the Attorney for the Co-Op as a whole, our office was able to secure the rights of all member franchisees with respect to one another – including voting rights, sharing expenses, and reviewing books and records of the Co-Op. We were also able to address the franchisor with a unified voice and secure concessions for members of the Co-Op that saved everybody money.

Adversary (Bankruptcy)

Represented a Chapter 7 Debtor being sued by the Trustee due to suspicious activity prior to, during, and after filing of the case. Our office satisfied the Bankruptcy Trustee and saved the case, which was confirmed and successfully discharged.


Brach of Contract

Defended a Chapter 13 debtor who was also a defendant in an Adversary case brought by her former business partner. The Debtor had previously received questionable advice and ended up fighting the Trustee’s action when she should have negotiated to begin with. We secured favorable terms on which our client could pay off the adversary amount and complete her plan of reorganization.

Complex Mechanics Lien Litigation

Represented consumers building a custom home. When their General Contractor became unable to cmplete the project on time and on budget, the homeowners demanded an accounting. While the GC got its act together several subcontractors and suppliers brought mechanics liens. Homeowners refused to pay until the GC got back on track. GC inturn filed its own mechanics lien. Our office got all parties paid without causing the owners to lose the property or abandon the project.

Adversary (Bankruptcy)

Pursued ex-husband into Chapter 11 on behalf of his ex-wife: she was owed a substantial sum awarded in the Divorce Court. In an attempt to evade the judgment, her ex-husband fled the country and passed off his wealth to another person. That person created a corporate entity, which went into Ch. 11. We got a settlement out of the ex-husband without having to go through prolonged litigation in the Bankruptcy Court.

Creditor (Bankruptcy)

Collected post-petition Condo Association dues from Chapter 13 Debtor in Bankruptcy. Secured a resolution in Bankruptcy Court without having to file an Adversary case or conduct an evidentiary hearing on a motion. The outcome saved the Condo Association time and money, and secured a future stream of income.

Creditor (Bankruptcy)

Represented homeowners against their foreclosing bank. Our office has represented hundreds of homeowners in Cook and all collar counties including DuPage, Kane, Will, Kendall, Lake, and DeKalb. We have extensive ligiation experience with foreclosure defense – both in Court and out.


Ch. 7 Bankruptcy

Assisted divorced client with Chapter 7 bankruptcy to prevent repossessed car and credit card debt. Client overpaid in unemployment benefits.

Ch. 7 Bankruptcy

Representing a pair of first time entrepreneurs who had day jobs in tech and wanted to run a pool hall. I got them discharged and dissolved their company..


Ch. 7 Bankruptcy

Represented small business owner who had never incorporated: when his business went downhill and creditors began to sue, they sued him personally. Filed a Ch. 7 case on his behalf and set him up with new corporate entity afterwards.

Fraudulent Transfer, Succession, Commerical Litigation

Represented members of a family that owned a printing business, as well as the business itself: case went from Cir. Court to Bankruptcy Court and back again. Complex litigation in both State Court and Bankruptcy Court.


LLC, Liquor License, Asset Sale

Assisted client in starting new business. Filed documents needed to start business. Assisted in developing Articles of Organization needed to start business as a Limited Liability Company.


Complex Bankruptcy

Represented Rockford-based subcontractor and its owner. Successfully sued and collected from General Contractor and remitted proceeds to the Bankruptcy. Case went from Ch. 7 to Ch. 11 and back to Ch. 7 again. Also represented Sub’s owner in a Ch. 7 case.

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