Business Bankruptcy

Business Bankruptcy

Chapter 11 Primer

Our Chapter 11 Primer will help you decide if a Plan of Reorganization is right for your business. It is a fact that Courst prefer the reorganization of a business to its liquidation. Doing so preserves jobs, keeps assets productive, and enhances the local economy. Read our Primer to find out if your business qualifies.

Chapter 11 Confirmation

While Chapter 11 is an excellent way to keep a business in operation and under its existing management, the road to confirmation – that is, the approval of the Plan of Reorganization by the Court and Creditors of the business – is a long one fraught with traps for the unwary. Arm yourself with knowledge here.

Small Business Bankruptcy

According to the SBA there is a strong correlation between economic growth and entrepreneurial activity. Every day thousands start new businesses that drive jobs and revenues. But 95% of small businesses fail within 5 years. How can the filing of a Bankruptcy protect, and even encourage, business creation

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