Bankruptcy Ch. 7, 13 & 11

debt reliefBankruptcy Guide

This common-sense guide talks about Bankruptcy in plan English terms. Read this if you want to know how Bankruptcy works and apply its insights to your own situation. [Read More]

Consumer Bankruptcy

Our Consumer Bankruptcy Primer will help you decide if Bankruptcy is right for you and answer many of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) presented to our office in nearly 20 years of practice, like: How much is the filing fee for a case? What assets can you keep in a Bankruptcy? What types of Bankruptcy relief are available? [Read More]

Business Bankruptcy

Business Bankruptcy comes in 2 primary varieties. Chapter 7 is for businesses that must shutter their doors, while Chapter 11 reorganization is for businesses that can reorganize and move forward. Which one is appropriate? Find out here. [Read More]

Bankruptcy FAQ

Will everybody know that you've filed Bankruptcy? Does bankruptcy wipe out all debts? Will you be forced to give up all your possessions? Will you lose your home if you file Bankruptcy? These frequently asked questions and many more are answered here. [Read More]

Bankruptcy Information

How does one file for Bankruptcy? What is the process? What are the differences betweena consumer liquidation (Chapter 7) and consumer reorganization (Chapter 13)? FInd out here.[Read More]