Business Bankruptcy

Chapter 11 Primer

Our Chapter 11 Primer will help you decide if a Plan of Reorganization is right for your business. It is a fact that Courst prefer the reorganization of a business to its liquidation. Doing so preserves jobs, keeps assets productive, and enhances the local economy. Read our Primer to find out if your business qualifies. [Read More]

Chapter 11 Confirmation

While Chapter 11 is an excellent way to keep a business in operation and under its existing management, the road to confirmation - that is, the approval of the Plan of Reorganization by the Court and Creditors of the business - is a long one fraught with traps for the unwary. Arm yourself with knowledge here.[Read More]

Small Business Bankruptcy

According to the SBA there is a strong correlation between economic growth and entrepreneurial activity. Every day thousands start new businesses that drive jobs and revenues. But 95% of small businesses fail within 5 years. How can the filing of a Bankruptcy protect, and even encourage, business creation? [Read More]