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Is Bankruptcy Right For You?

Is Bankruptcy Right For You? Ask Yourself These Questions:

  • Are you making minimum payments on credit cards? Do you have Payday loans?
  • Have you suffered a loss that affected your finances like an accident or layoff?
  • Are you behind on mortgage or auto payments? In foreclosure or repossession?
  • Has a judgment, citation, or wage garnishment order been issued to you?
  • Are you living on the bubble, with no savings or retirement funds?
  • Are you just a paycheck away from falling behind on the bills?
  • Do you receive telephone calls and dunning letters from creditors?
  • Does stress about debt cause you to lose sleep or affect your mood?
  • Could you use a financial fresh start?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, contact our office for a consultation.

Client Reviews
We can not complete put in to words the comfort that we feel with Mr. Hedayat and associates into repersent us in our legal case. Mr. Hadayat and everyone on his team not only have repesented us to the highest form that anyone could ask for in our legal system... Leslie A.
Mr. Hedayat and all of his associates ALWAYS go above and beyond normal expections of Attorneys. Mr. Hedayat and each and every person that works with him truly care-not only about your legal case, but how you are getting through the case. Leslie
You could not ask for a better attorney than M. Hedayat. His staff is the most pleasant people talk to. I recomend this attorney to anyone that has legal issues. Keep up the good work. Joseph W.