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Practice Areas

Bankruptcy and Restructuring

Our office has over 20 years' experience with bankruptcies, including restructuring issues and financial distress. In addition to providing advice directly our office is often  consulted by other law firms and Attorneys that recognize the value of consulting a bankruptcy practitioner before advising their own Clients.

Our clients include individuals as well as businesses, whether debtors or creditors. We offer representation in

  • § Chapter 7 and 13 Cases (primarily consumer)
  • § Chapter 11 Reorganization (primarily business)
  • § Lien Stripping and related Adversary Cases
  • § Preferential and Fraudulent Transfer Cases

Mr. Hedayat also lectures and writes extensively about bankruptcy law and litigation, including

  • § The Automatic Stay
  • § Fraudulent Transfers
  • § Preferential Transfers
  • § Collection from Debtors
  • § Defenses to Creditors

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We have extensive experience with real estate, title insurance, and construction, including

  • § President of active title insurance company until 2010
  • § Working in close conjunction with mortgage originators
  • § Lead Counsel in Mechanics Lien and Real Estate Litigation
  • § Writer, speaker: real estate, title, and construction topics

Most important of all, our office brings its strong sense of value and client service to our real estate practice, whether serving the needs of consumers or commercial entities. Our services include

Real Estate Transactions
  • Buyer, Seller representation
  • Drafting real estate contracts
  • Closing real estate transactions
  • Title exceptions and clearing title
Leasing Transactions
  • Drafting and negotiating leases
  • Forcible Detainer and evictions
Real Estate Litigation
  • Title disputes and litigation
  • Breach of Contract litigation
  • Mechanics Lien litigation
Construction, Liens
  • Drafting and negotiating contracts
  • Negotiating with contractors, subs
  • Draft General and Sub Agreements
  • Construction draws and partial waivers
  • Drafting and filing liens and lien releases
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Estate Planning, Wills, and Trusts

Probate is the process by which your assets and liabilities are marshaled and distributed to your heirs following your passing. M. Hedayat and Associates helps Clients to feel comfortable during this overwhelming, yet significant, process. Contact us to discuss your case in confidence.

Small Business

M. Hedayat and Associates can help you start a business started from the ground up. We are experienced in all aspects of the business cycle, from purchasing to hiring to employee disputes, to contract formation and beyond. Selling a business? We can represent you during the transaction and beyond. Click on the links below to find out more about our services for business.

State and Federal Litigation

We have handled hundreds of cases over the years, including complex commercial litigation in State and Federal Court, Trials in both State and Federal Court, settlements, negotiations, Preference and Fraudulent Transfer actions, shareholder derivative actions, breach of fiduciary cases, and many more. Contact us to discuss your case in confidence.

Construction Law & Litigation

Click on the link below to read about Mazyar Hedayat’s experience in construction law. We have worked with and represented developers, property owners, general contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers.  We have filed, challenged, and litigated construction law, mechanics lien, breach of contract, and unjust enrichment claims in both State and Federal Court. Contact us to discuss your case in confidence.

Client Reviews
We can not complete put in to words the comfort that we feel with Mr. Hedayat and associates into repersent us in our legal case. Mr. Hadayat and everyone on his team not only have repesented us to the highest form that anyone could ask for in our legal system... Leslie A.
Mr. Hedayat and all of his associates ALWAYS go above and beyond normal expections of Attorneys. Mr. Hedayat and each and every person that works with him truly care-not only about your legal case, but how you are getting through the case. Leslie
You could not ask for a better attorney than M. Hedayat. His staff is the most pleasant people talk to. I recomend this attorney to anyone that has legal issues. Keep up the good work. Joseph W.